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Start the Journey of Freedom E-Book

 What you'll get:

  • 71 pages of poetic prose on the journey of freedom. 
  • A guide in the remembrance to the truth of who you are.
  • Thoughtful insight for transformational meditation.

What People Are Saying:

They say there are no accidental meetings, I knew this to be true when I was divinely, or otherwise, led to cross paths with this truly one of a kind young woman. I consider myself a seasoned teacher, mentor, and counselor (Masters in Social Work) ( Harvard educated).Imagine my surprise and delight when within five minutes of knowing Dr. Jane, that she had much to teach us about love , peace and harmony, within your self and with others. Many people are wise and caring and have much to give others. But few seem to have the gift and the power to open your eyes, to heal your heart and to touch your Dr. Jane does. Start to bring true love and inner peace in all its forms, into your heart and into your life. You have a rare opportunity to meet someone whose true passion, desire and power is to lead us all to love and she does to anyone fortunate enough to meet her.

Laura Wright, Author Teacher Counselor